Title I Parent Resources

Here you will find different parent resources that will help aide you in assisting your child throughout their educational career. Please also see teacher's websites for additional resources and information!

-Parent Compact: The School and Parent Roles and Responsibilities

-Title One Family Policy:(English) Building Vision, Purpose, and Expectations
-Title One Family Policy:(Spanish) Building Vision, Purpose, and Expectations 

-Parent's Guide to Student Success: Look at what your child will be learning this school year

-Reading Rams: Help your child become a better reader

-Student Code of Conduct/Handbook: This will help you be aware of our district routines and expectations

-School Board Policies: This link will provide you with direct access to our school board policies around title one

-Building Goals: Click here to learn about LeTort's building goals

-Right to Request Teacher Qualification: Click here to learn about how to request teacher's qualifications

-District Family Involvement Policy: Click here to learn about our district family involvement policy 

-District Title One Parent/Family Engagement: Click here to learn about our title one district parent/family engagement policy

-SPAC (State Parent Advisory Council) Website: Click here to learn more about the state parent advisory council