School Safety

School safety is a high priority at LeTort Elementary School. It is our desire that students are safe and that the faculty/staff are prepared in the event of an emergency situation. Below you will find numerous ways that we prepare for emergencies at LeTort Elementary School:

Fire Drills:

LeTort conducts monthly fire drills. During these drills, we do a building wide "role call" and ensure all students are present and accounted for. Classrooms are equipped with emergency exit routes which feature two possible routes, in the event that one is blocked.

Weather Drills:

LeTort conducts three weather drills throughout the school year. These drills allow for the students to exit their classrooms and find safety in the hallway. The teachers and staff take role to ensure all students are present.

Security Drills:

LeTort conducts three security drills throughout the school year. These drills allow us the opportunity to secure our classrooms and lock down our building. Teachers and students participate in this drill by ensuring all students are safe and follow the procedures with fidelity.

Evacuation Drill:

LeTort practices evacuating the students once each year. Our procedure is to move the building to another safe location.

Bus Drill:

LeTort practices bus evacuation drills with students who ride the school bus two times each year. Students practice evacuating the bus in the event of an emergency.

Rapid Response Drills:

LeTort has developed a core group of individuals who make up our Rapid Response Team. This team represents building leaders, and our school nurse. In the event of a medical emergency, this team is immediately called to help assist those involved. This team comes together three times a year to conduct a rapid response drill.

Security Team Meetings:

All of these drills and procedures are reviewed and analyzed by a core group of teachers and staff that make up LeTort's Security Team. This team gets together three times each year to ensure that our drills and procedures are conducted with fidelity

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